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WWE Kane Vs Undertaker Old School Pictures

author | 21/08/2010

Animated View Of Kane And Undertaker Brother Vs Brother At Night Of Champions

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The WWE Oldest Alive Rivals Brothers Fighting Again On WWE

The WWE Oldest Alive Rivals Brothers Fighting Again On WWE

The Old is Gold Kane from day one has been evil monster for the Undertaker.He is still alive and we all knew no one rather than take the Vengence out Undertaker in this monsterious wrestling game for long time first burning fire then a match on Wrestlemania now its soon gona be happen at WWE PPV but the question is When will the Rivarly will over they need Career Vs Career Match to end this.But kane keeps on doing this to be in red lines in WWE as we all know this Rivals will never end This Team worked Together but as Brothers of Destruction been world tag champions but at a level of time and year pass they start to be in again form of Rivals We Want once more of this match but this match not should be hell in cell not a burning fire it should be Clothes Vs Clothes Or Hair Vs Career Match if undertaker Wins he gains everything else if Kane Wins Undertaker Lose his Spooky Looking Long Hairs.

WWE Legendary Randy Savage With His Wife In Ring Classic Photos

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