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Raw No Way Out Wallpaper

author | 09/02/2009


WWE Raw Results 2.2.2009

author | 03/02/2009


John Cena Fighting for the WWE Legends like the Ric Flair .. the Chris Jericho came out and was using wrong and abusive words for the legends of the wwe so the world  heavyweight champion John Cena seem not to be happy at all with this kind of things going around him he come on titantron of Raw and stopped the Chris Jericho and said him to come into ring with him he will beat Jericho for the Proud of the WWE Legends and all Wrestlers whom left the WWE but later at night Cena was a champ showed the whole world and beated the Jericho to retain  the proud of the WWE Legends ….

       John Cena Vs Chris Jericho  Match Pictures

Shawn Michales Vs Jbl At No Way Out

The Jbl called the  Shawn Michales and said that he is worthless and not of any work he used to make no gain to the Jbl and soo that why in anger he gave a challenge to the Shawn Michales and a  chance to get himself free from the contract signed soo thats is why the Hbk Is known for beating the challenges and fighting but as a employee he admited that he did his best job that he could do for Jblbetween both of them as employer and employee  if the hbk is able to win the match from the self proclammed Wrestling God John Bradshah Layfield then he will be free from the contract of Jbl as a employee and Shawns will once again be totally free from every one and become the Show Stopper Again…… 

 Short summary of Raw Results


The Kane is now announced to be in the No Way Out Elimination chamber and the Stephanie called that the Undertaker brother of  Kane will be coming to Raw and will face the WWE Superstar and self proclammed Legend Killer the Randy Orton Stephanie McMahon wasnt to put htis kind of matches for Randy Orton which are very tuff such as fighting against the most deadly man in this wresstling world and the Special appearance will be also take place when Raw will go of the air the Legend and the Sixteen Time  World Heavyweight Champion will come back to Raw and the master of figure four lock and the dirtyst man of wrestling the Ric Flair will come back to Raw and Start with a great “Woooo” it may be start of new rivary between Chris Jericho and the Ric Flair again..


Matches Results

William Regal & Layla Defeated Intercontinental Champion CM Punk & Mickie James
Cryme Tyme Defeated Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase (disqualification)
Kane & Mike Knox Defeated Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston
Beth Phoenix Defeated Candice Michelle
World Heavyweight Champion John Cena Defeated Chris Jericho

John Cena Vs Jbl

author | 26/01/2009

John Cena Vs Jbl World Heavyweight Champion

John Cena Vs Jbl Thanks To His Employee Shawn Michales Whom Kicked Both With Sweet Chin Music To Both Jbl And John Cena in The Match For World Heavyweight Championship…