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WWE Raw Results January 12, 2009

author | 13/01/2009

shaking-hand-of-opponent-before-match cena-regain-control-in-match

WWE Raw January 12, 2009

Shawn Michaels  Vs John Cena As Said By Jbl This Is Gona Be Like Wrestlemania History Of Shawn Michales And  he Will Stop The Show With A Great Power Back To Wrestling World By Beating The World Heavyweight Champion….

jbl-saying-hbk-to-fight-back five-knuckle-shuffle figure-four-lock-by-michaels
jbl-watching-his-employee-agaings-world-champ cena-out-with-jbl michaels-using-cena-stf-move-to-make-submit-cena

The Match Was Fabolous And Both Superstars Give There  Best The Shawn Michaels Used The STF To Make The Cena Tap Out And Figure Four Leg Which Is Used And Super Move Of Legendry Ric Flair Then The Cena Recover Back And Dropped His Pattened Move Five Knuckle Shuffle On Shawn Michaels And Later On The Most Power  Full Elbow Drop From Top Turnbuckle The Shawns Dropped On The World Heavy Weight Champion And Then  The Get Ready   For Tunning The Band And Hit The  Band On Right Time And Won The Match By The “Sweet Chin Music”…..


WWE Royal Rumble Championship Matches And Results

author | 07/01/2009

WWE Royal Rumble
January 25, 2009
The self-proclaimed Wrestling God JBL Vs The World HeavyWeight Champion John Cena
The Number ONe Contedership He Used Shawn Michales . Jbl Used His Employee And Awesome WWE Superstar Fom Decades Of WWE History “The Heart Break Kid” Shawn Michaels
The Results Will be Coming ON Jan 25 And Soo Visit Us AT 25 TO Get Latest Results Of 2009 Royal Rumle

Royal Rumblers In Action

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royal-rumble-08_10241The Road To WrestleMania Beguns At January 25 @009 Get Ready For The Action live From WWE….