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Smackdown Buzz From 18 March With Pictures For Wrestling Fans

author | 21/03/2011

WWE Smackdown At KANSAS CITY : While Christian picked up a victory over rival Alberto Del Rio rewarding in a Steel Cage Match, Del Rio gained significant momentum WrestleMania pitting World Heavyweight Champion Edge with a painful Con-Chair-To.

Christian definition. Alberto Del Rio in a Steel Cage Match
Since Alberto Del Rio Christian off the commission, Captain Charisma has been out of pay whenever he can. A Steel Cage Match was the last chance. After fighting tooth and nail from the top of the cage, she was a Christian whose feet hit the floor of the arena first, giving the victory sweeter.

When the bitter struggle continued outside the cage, Edge interrupted by driving a car from Del Rio in the sand. After the threat of self harm Del Rio luxury with a steel chair, Rated-R Superstar was attacked from behind by Brodus Clay. Below the champion, Clay broke with the same chair. Then, Del Rio criticized his WrestleMania opponent with a bite of Con-Chair-To.

Rey Mysterio def. Ted DiBiase
Rey Mysterio took care of business against Ted DiBiase with a 619-splash combo. Although Maryse DiBiase accompanied to the ring for the start of the match, she lost no time in making a quick exit after their loss.

Jack Swagger def. Chris Masters
Doing what he does best, Jack Swagger Chris Masters forced to surrender with his ankle lock very effective. Then Michael Cole joined his coach WrestleMania for a horrible attack of Teachers. While The All-American American stepped into the head of Teachers, Cole uses an ankle lock to make matters worse.

Big Show & Kane def. WWE Tag Team Champions Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater by disqualification
In typical runs, Wade Barrett and Ezekiel Jackson could not stay away from the action. Your participation cost the party Gabriel & Slater. But the disqualification conveniently retained their titles. In a family run 4-on-1 attack, the odds were too much to overcome – even for two of the biggest superstars in WWE. Kane was brutally assaulted with sections of the steel ring steps, while Big Show was sent crashing through the announce table.

Layla def. Kelly Kelly
Michelle McCool distraction provided the perfect opportunity to call Layla Kelly Kelly from the top rope. After crashing into the mat, Kelly Kelly was an easy prey for Layla to get the count of three.

Cody Rhodes def. Jimmy Trent
Still bitter over his face injured, Cody Rhodes took out his frustration on Jimmy Trent. Using the same mask that has been hiding behind Rhodes brutally butt-head Jimmy for a quick victory.

United States Champion Sheamus. Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston in a non-title match

United States Champion Sheamus pointed his first victory as the new champion with an accent fierce kick to the head of Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston.

World Heavyweight Champion Edge definition. Brodus clay
Brodus young upstart clay continues to draw attention to the WWE. In a match against World Heavyweight Champion Edge, Clay had a great chance to shine, but fell short when the Rated-R Superstar attacked him with a spear. After the chaos after the game involving Alberto Del Rio, Christian, General Manager of SmackDown, Theodore Long announced the main event steel cage.

Rey Mysterio And Edge Vs Kane And Alberto Rio On Last Smackdown of 2010

author | 01/01/2011

This was not so simple World Heavyweight Champion Edge & Rey Mysterio Defeated Alberto Del Rio & Kane with huge power.

LayCool Vs Beth Phoenix And Layla Smackdown 2010 Results

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Big Show Defeated “Dashing” Cody Rhodes (Count-out)
Drew McIntyre Defeated Trent Barreta
World Heavyweight Champion Edge & Rey Mysterio Defeated Alberto Del Rio & Kane
Divas Champion Natalya & Beth Phoenix Defeated Michelle McCool & Layla
Dolph Ziggler Defeated Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger (Triple Threat Intercontinental Championship Match)