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Ecw Results and Pictures

author | 11/02/2009


Ecw FRESNO, Calif.

Just days before ECW Champion Jack Swagger was set to defend his title against Finlay at No Way Out “The All-American American” Christian emerged to challenge the ECW Champion. the return of chrisian was expected after he was released from tna but not this way against the Ecw champion he come back with a huge come back and with help of interreption of finaly he won the match


A boy from the School Of the Bret Hitman Hart Tyson Kidd come with  Diva Natalya on his first match on ECW on Sci Fi  picked a victory over a local competitor. The athletic newcomer is a student of the Hart Family Dungeon, and was personally trained by Bret “Hit Man” Hart Natalya’s uncle. Kidd is already making an impact in the Land of the Extreme, and has caught the competitive eye of Jamie Noble.



Dont Turn Back In WWE Anything can happen here in a second the example of this is Tommy Dreamer World Tag Team Champion The Miz defeated  Tommy Dreamer with help of that interuption

Tommy Dreamer Getting Retired On June 6

author | 14/01/2009


ECW Results January 13, 2009

Tommy Dreamer Come out and addressed wwe universe with a emotional speach and said his old in this buisness for 19 year now if he does not wins the title now before the june 6 and 2009 then he will retire from wrestling world …