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Wrestlemania Best Ever Wrestling PPV Of Year 2011

author | 04/04/2011

World Heavyweight Champion Edge defeated Alberto Del Rio, on behalf of three. Del Rio Border beaten with a spear for the win. Edge is still our World Heavyweight Champion. 
Cody Rhodes defeated Rey Mysterio by pinfall. Rhodes hit Mysterio with a Cross of Rhodes for the win.
Big Show, Kane, Vladimir Kozlov defeated Santino Marella and Wade Barrett, Ezekiel Jackson, Justin Heath Slater and Gabriel in Eight-Man Tag Team Match by pinfall. Show pinned Slater. KO Slater successful program with a blow for victory.
The Great Khali won the WrestleMania Royal Over-the-top-rope battle.
Randy Orton defeated CM Punk by pinfall. Orton hit the RKO Punk for the win. 
Jerry “The King” Lawler defeated Michael Cole by submission. Stone Cold was the special guest referee.
Raw Steve Austin said GM has exceeded its authority in the party, as Lawler was disqualified.
Michael Cole defeated Jerry “The King” Lawler by Disqualification.
The Undertaker defeated Triple H in No Holds Barred Match for the presentation. Is now 19-0.
John Morrison, Trish Stratus defeated Dolph Ziggler Snooki, Layla, Michelle McCool and on behalf of three. Michelle McCool pinned Snooki.
WWE Champion The Miz vs John Cena finished in double count-out.
The Rock says the party will now restart.
WWE Champion The Miz defeated John Cena by pinfall. Cena hit the rock with a Rock Bottom and The Miz covers for the victory dinner. The woman is still our WWE Champion.
After the match The Rock lady hit the side of Pueblo.

The Streak Is 19-0 The Phenom Undertaker Rise Up Once Again

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19-0 Undertaker Wrestlemania Streak to Complete 2 Decade Next Year

Triple H The King of Kings came to WrestleMania XXVII do something nobody has done before. Addressing more than 70,000 fans at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, was scheduled to enter the ring against The Undertaker and leaving as the only man to ever defeat The Outlaw past the biggest event of them all.
It was a confrontation every bit as epic as expected – two superstars that defined an era in WWE clash in a battle for the ages. But Triple H’s obsession with burying the Deadman was not. Like 18 other brave before him, the game fell to The Undertaker at WrestleMania, making it No. 19 on the most legendary race in all of sports entertainment.   

The drama of this “No Holds Barred Match began Feb. 21, when the return of Undertaker in the ring was interrupted by Triple H. insuranceNo words were spoken between the two legends, but look hot in front of the flag WrestleMania XXVII sent a clear message to the fans of the WWE – the war of the war was underway.

It was an unforgettable moment, but in truth, the construction of this party started long before that fateful night. Sixteen years ago, came to Triple H in WWE and immediately learned to respect and reverence to The Undertaker as a performer without equal and a true leader. Their paths cross from time to time, as both achieved monumental success, and finally, the status of legend, but a win always circumvent the game – the ability to say that he was the man who beat The Undertaker at WrestleMania .

Deadman defeat at The Show of Shows? Never been done before and a challenge that requires that the souls of the icons like Ric Flair, Kane, Edge and, most famously, Shawn Michaels. It is also almost impossible. HBK himself even expressed doubts about the possibility of Triple H, The Undertaker to stop a week before this match.
However, The King of Kings would not be deterred. And on April 3, the last bastions of an era of disappearing in the sports-entertai

nment gathered at the Georgia Dome like two old gunslingers, fight it until a man could not continue.

Introduction to the greatness of Metallica with an army of warriors to the head, Triple

H left the ring with the intensity of the agitation

that causes the Cerebral Murderer. Not to be outdone, the Deadman rose through a thick cloud of fog, while the cries of Johnny Cash “Is not no grave can hold my body down,” echoed around the huge stadium.
The show gave all the souls who live in the cool of the WWE, but once all the pomp of entries was out of the way, has two stars. No disqualifications. Studies have not. Without taboos.

That things got out of hand quickly should have surprised anyone.

Fighting as if their lives were at stake, the two icons annihilated each other, breaking the organs through ring tables and in the affected limbs with steel chairs. Still, no matter how brutal the action, each man refused to stop smoking. Triple H runs a Pedigree. The Undertaker kicked out. The coup Deadman Last Ride. The game is argued.

But when two straight Pedigrees did not stop outside the old law, Triple H appeared to lose his mind. What I can do to defeat this man? Red-faced and frustrated, threw his game plan out the window and brutally wrapped a steel chair around his opponent’s head before The Undertaker pinned by her maneuver – The Tombstone. However, the Deadman would not stay down.
When the game took the hammer, the most famous streak seemed all the WWE was about to come to an end. The Undertaker was locked up in Hell’s Gate. Caught in the horror of this maneuver is worth, the game struggled to escape, but his battered body could take no more. After making a last attempt to free himself, Triple H lost his will and finally gave in, striking twice in the thigh by The Undertaker to indicate the end.

Fireworks exploded and a giant “19-0″ flashed in the Georgia Dome, the bell rang, but there were no celebrations. In contrast, two of the greatest warriors in the history of the WWE lay motionless in the center of the ring, their bodies exhausted by the war of the WWE Universe just witnessed. 
The Deadman may have won the fight, but was the game that stood up.

As a challenge to Triple H returned to the entrance ramp, Undertaker tried to get up but collapsed in a heap on the floor of the arena. It was a terrible sight. Not only remind fans of the WWE The Undertaker is indeed a mortal, but made clear that “The Streak” was nearing completion in this wonderful evening.

Rock Wrestlemania And Sports Electrifying Man

author | 03/04/2011

The Rock is the one of most electrofying men in sports and entertainment.Wrestlemania 27 is supposed to get this electricity this heat again as the Rock will host the Wrestlemania Tonight.