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WWE Yoshi Tatsu Nice Pics

author | 15/03/2012

WWE Yoshi Tatsu Nice Pics

WWE Superstar Wallpapers Of Yoshi Tatsu Small Pictures

author | 21/08/2010

Yoshi Tatsu and Natalya Players for Luge At Olymics 2010

author | 17/02/2010

LUGE – WWE Players At Olymics 2010

Yoshi Tatsu; Japan

The Cardiac Kid has the quickness and fearlessness to speed to the finish line in luge,
which is the French term for “sled.” Reaching speeds of 93 mph, luge competitors experience
more than 5Gs of force while gliding down ice track on their backs.

Natalya; Canada

WWE’s sole third-generation Diva not only has the inherited smarts and courage to conquer
the luge, but the leg and shoulder strength to steer and control a daunting fiberglass sled.
Bonus: Natalya is right at home in Canada’s chilly temps.